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Robland S410 Surface Planer

  • Robland S410 Surface Planer

    Robland S410 Surface Planer robland-s410

    The Robland S410 is a quality European made Surface Planer with a table dimension of 2,360mm x 410mm. Features include precision parallelogram type slides & precision machined Planer fence. Available with 4-knives Tersa cutter block or Spiral cutter block.

    Robland S410 Specifications:

    • Motor power: 3.7kw (option 5.5kw)
    • Planer width: 410mm
    • Total length of planer tables: 2,360mm
    • Length of in-feed table: 1360mm
    • Length of out-feed table: 1000mm
    • Diameter Cutter Block: 90mm
    • Max cutting depth: 4mm
    • Number of knives:4, knife dimensions: 410x25x3mm
    • Spindle speed: 5500 RPM
    • Planer fence: 1350x200mm, inclination 90° – 45°
    • Weight: 475kg

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