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Edge Banders

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  • Robland Alpha 400 Edgebander robland-alpha400-edgebander

    Robland hot melt edgebander, first roller driven with pneumatic cut-off, multifunctional trimming unit with high frequency motors and pneumatic end trim unit. View More

  • Robland KM550 Edgebander robland-km550-edgebander

    Robland edgebander with hot-melt glue pot, first roller driven with pneumatic cut-off, end trim unit, twin motor trimming unit, glue scrapping unit and extendable support rail for large panels. View More

  • KDT 465 Edgebander kdt-465-edgebander

    Hot melt, 4 station, corner rounding Edgebander. Features include four roller pressure station, edge trimming station, top & bottom trimming station, twin motor 2mm corner rounding, top and bottom scraper station and more. View More

  • KDT365M Edgebander kdt365m-edgebander

    Strong, Precise and Affordable KDT Edgebanders have been sold and serviced in Australia for more than 14 years. KDT’s modern R&D division drives their continuous improvement and quality control which they see as their company's core competitive strength. View More

Results 1 - 4 of 4 Show: Sort By:

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