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Straight Line & Multi-Rip Saw

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  • M&J R20 Mj001

    - Max. cutting thickness 135 mm; - Min. cutting length 300 mm; View More

  • Primo MRS 155 Primo001

    - Extra Robust 100 HP motor - Great Cutting Thickness of 155 mm (6.1") - Continuous duty 100 HP arbor motor allows deep cutting speeds of thick lumber View More

  • Primo MRS 300 A Primo002

    An upgrade of Kuang Yung's Most Popular Model, MRS-300. The specially designed bracket elevation on worpiece pressure system allows for more thickness variation. View More

  • Primo SRS14 Primo003

    Maximum thickness of cut up to 125mm (4.92"). The eight lumber hold down rollers are arranged in six rows on both sides of the blade and supported by hinges so that motion is smooth and stable. View More

  • Woodwork table saw with heavy duty cast iron work table and trunnion assembly. Available in 400mm or 450mm saw blade diameter models. View More

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