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Primo MRS 300 A

  • Primo MRS 300 A

    Primo MRS 300 A Primo002

    Features include:

    An upgrade of Kuang Yung's Most Popular Model, MRS-300.
    The specially designed bracket elevation on worpiece pressure system allows for
    more thickness variation.

    LINK CHAIN FEED - The link chain blocks are made of special cast iron. The high-grade steel connecting pins are heat-treated and precision ground. Each precisely made chain pad guarantees straight line ripping even at high feed speeds;
    LASER DEVICE (OPTIONAL) - provides convenient positioning of cut, which reduces material waste to a minimum.
    CONVENIENT CHAIN BLOCK REPLACEMENT (OPTIONAL) - Specially designed chain block construction provides convenient replacement of chain block when worn out;
    ANTI-KICKBACK GUARDING SYSTEM - Two upper rows and one bottom row of anti-kickback fingers are engineered to provide comprehensive operator security;




    Max. cutting thickness

    120 mm (4.724")

    Max. cutting thickness (w/short stock device)

    95 mm (3.74") (optional)

    Max. cutting width

    300 mm (11.811")

    Distance from column to link chain center

    360 mm (14.173")

    Mini. working length

    500 mm (19.685")

    Mini. working length (w/short stock device)

    300 mm (11.811") (optional)

    Max. sawblade diameter

    350 mm (14")

    Mini. sawblade diameter

    250 mm (10")

    Sawblade bore

    70 mm (2.756")

    Saw arbor diameter

    50 mm (1.969")

    Saw arbor speed

    3800 rpm

    Saw arbor motor

    30, 40, 50 HP

    Variable feed speed

    7.5-30 M/min (24'-98'/min)

    Variable feed speed (for electrical amperage display)

    2.5-24 M/min (8'-79'/min)

    Feed motor

    2 HP (3HP on request)

    Hold down roller elevating motor

    0.5 HP

    Table area (LxW)

    1530mm x 760mm (60"x30")

    Packing dimensions (LxWxH)

    1880x1700x1700 mm (74"x67"x67")

    Net weight

    2050 kgs

    Gross weight

    2300 kgs


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