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    Emmegi Phantomatic Machining Centres Emmegi-Phantomatic

    The Phantomatic series of CNC machining centres from Emmegi offer versatile automatic machining of profiles in aluminium, light alloys, PVC, and steel profiles up to 3mm in thickness.

    These high quality Italian made machines with many options and configurations available, are ideal for aluminium window & door fabricators, shop and commercial interior fitting firms.

    The T3 machines offer 3 axis machining with a rotary work table. The X4 machine offers a 4th axis allowing the high speed spindle to rotate continuously from 0° to 180° along the entire contour of the work piece.

    The Phantomatic T3 offers:

    • an X-axis working length of 4,300mm / 4,060mm (for 5 sides),
    • Y-axis (transversal) of 210/140mm,
    • Z-axis (vertical) 285/230mm.
    The Phantomatic X4 offers:
    • an X-axis working length of 4,000mm / 3,760mm (for 5 sides),
    • Y-axis (transversal) of 210/180mm,
    • Z-axis (vertical) 250/250mm,
    • A-axis (automatic rotation) 0° to 180°


    Power and Agility
    With high torque electro-spindles between 5.5kW and 7.5kW, the Phantomatic is able to carry out heavy duty processing and continuous work cycles. A double tank lubrication system allows the use of minimal oil and oil emulsion-mist thus you can select the best requirement for the material being processed.

    Intelligent Clamping and Referencing
    The software system calculates the best grip for the profile, allowing for clearance so as not to interfere with processing. The clamping units are moved rapidly and accurately into precise position. The T3 and X4 models have a translation movement along the y-axis of the clamp unit which allows processing all profile shapes.

    To ensure correct positioning of the work-piece, the Phantomatic is equipped with recessed reference end stops. One on the left and one on the right (option for T3). This gives the Phantomatic the ability to process two profiles simultaneously in multi-piece mode or to process oversized bars with a single programming.

    Tool Storage
    A 4 or 8 slot tool storage unit boast an exclusive round design, reducing the overall dimension and offering increased tool change speed. A cover protects the tool unit from swarf and accidental knocks. In addition to standard tools the unit can also be equipped with two angular units and a milling disc for machining all sides of the profile.

    Control Panel Interface
    A 15" touch panel display can be positioned to suit the operator. The touch screen and user friendly software make the interface simple and intuitive. The unit offers an integrated mouse & keyboard with front USB port for external memory connection and can be equipped with a barcode reader.

    Emmegi Phantomatic T3 Machining CNC Centre
    Phantomatic T3 Machining Centre Detail
    Phantomatic T3 Machining Centre Detail
    Phantomatic T3 Machining Centre Detail
    Phantomatic T3 Machining Centre Tool Holder Phantomatic T3 Machining Centre Spindle Illustration
    Emmegi Workpiece Trolley

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