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Goodway GMS Series CNC LATHE

  • Goodway GMS Series CNC LATHE

    Goodway GMS Series CNC LATHE Goodway004

    Features include:

    With 30 years of knowledge and experience in the machine tools field, Goodway is proud to present the new GMS-2600ST multi-tasking turning centre. This hybrid has the combination of multi axes turning centre ( X, Y, Z, C axes and live tooling turret ) and the features of a machining centre, such as the high-speed spindle, ATC system, and B-axis. Complex free shape machining, tapping, milling, drilling, incline machining, contour machining, and turning can be done easily, hence, done in one is made possible. The 9-axis controlling mechanism combined with FANUC 31i A5 control creates a 5-axis simultaneous, multi-tasking turning power which can easily accomplish complex work pieces with free-form surfaces. Simultaneous turning on both spindles can achieve the best cutting conditions and increase the machining accuracy and quality of work pieces.

    • The 9- axis controlling mechanism combined with FANUC 31i A5 control allows 5-axis simultaneous operation
    • High Precision Built-in Spindle
    • High Speed Tool Spindle
    • Ultra performance live tooling turret
    • Tool spindle uses triple plate curvic coupling with worm gear drive structure. Swivelling range : ±120°. Indexing resolution : 0.001°
    • Ø 250 mm diameter super high precision curvic couplings with 12-station live tooling turret.
    • Optional twin spindles & twin turrets
    • Double low centre of gravity slant bed design provides 30% more rigidity than average slant beds.
    • Slides are adopted with ground box way + roller linear guide way complex design, providing high speed high rigidity cutting performance.


    GMS series

    Swing (mm)


    Max Turn Ø (mm)


    Chuck Size (inches)

    8 / 10

    Bar Capacity (mm)

    52 / 65

    Tool Changer Positions


    Turn Length (mm)


    Spindle Motor (Kw)

    11 / 25

    Live Tools


     Y Axis Travel (mm)

    160 (±80)

    Available Options


    Sub Spindle


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