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Cosen SH Series Mitre Bandsaw

  • Cosen SH Series Mitre Bandsaw

    Cosen SH Series Mitre Bandsaw Cosen003

    Features include:

    Swivel saw frame is an ideal design for angle cutting. Due to the design, the material remains in a safe clamped position. Angle change can be made by moving bow. It is done without tools in a matter of seconds.

    • Hydraulic feed flow control valve provides an infinite range of cutting feed rate.
    • Blade tension indicator ensures the proper tension for a better blade life and cutting performance.
    • Power blade brush cleans blade gullets that will give you of a longer blade life, and increase cutting performance.
    • Rigid & well-welded structure for accuracy demand under heavy-cutting loads.
    • High performance, simple operation and maintenance.
    • Economy & productivity reduce the manufacturing overheads—more profit rendered.
    • Complete coolant system.
    • The turning slide is using to enhance the supporting strength of pivot knuckle.
    • Control Station is located at the left side of the machine. The operator does not need to stretch out his hand across the cutting area to control the machine

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