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Goodway HA Series Heavy Duty CNC Lathe

  • Goodway HA Series Heavy Duty CNC Lathe

    Goodway HA Series Heavy Duty CNC Lathe Goodway012


    Together with the latest technology and high quality components, the Goodway Flat-bed CNC Turning Center, HA series, utilizes high rigidity four box way bed with 3-step gear spindle and servo indexing turret, to provide heavy-duty cutting capability for super large size work piece applications. It is suitable for oil and energy industry, aerospace and shipbuilding industry, and metallurgy industry. The optional four-way tool post, boring tooling, and high rigidity steady rest equipment provide a more efficient turning performance for large work piece applications. Furthermore, live tooling and C-axis is also available which allows the machine to perform more complicated tasks such as turning, milling, and drilling to fulfil your needs for today and tomorrow.

    •  One-piece 4 box way and flat bed casting provides a large platform with a heavy-duty structure, suitable for super large size work piece applications.
    • 3-step gear spindle provides great torque output under low speed, to fulfil heavy cutting needs.
    • The flat-bed is designed with a low centre of gravity, which allows the work piece weight and turning pressure to be evenly distributed throughout the flat-bed. This can greatly increase machine's overall structure and heavy-duty cutting capability.
    • The one-piece casting components of the box way, bed, and saddle are designed with large span to reach maximum strength and accuracy.
    • The X-axis saddle and tailstock travel are designed separately, which allows the tailstock to support the work piece without crossing the saddle. This prevents the tailstock from overhanging which can influence the rigidity.
    • The tailstock is equipped with Ø 200 mm rotary tailstock spindle, combining the MT#6 dead centre quill and sufficient thrust power, to provide stable and accurate support for the work piece.
    • High performance twin chip conveying system allows the chip to be quickly disposed on both sides of the Z-axis travel through the chip conveyor or screw type chip conveyor.
    • The one-piece casting headstock has a net weight over 4,000 kg, which gives outstanding rigidity and also provides an ideal balance for super heavy workpieces.
    • The 3-speed super heavy-duty gear head incorporates advance mechanical designs.  Mated with a 45 kW ( 30 min. ) motor to provide tremendous amount of low-end torque to handle heavy material removal on large diameter parts. It provides 8,320 N-m torque under 52 rpm to easily overcome any working applications.
    DESCRIPTION: HA-1400 HA-1600 HA-2000
    Distance between centres (mm)
    2000 - 3000 - 4000 - 5000 - 6000
    Swing over bed (mm)
    1400 1600 2000
    Swing over saddle (mm)
    1000 1100 1500
    Max work piece Weight (kg)
    10000 ~ 15000
    Spindle speed (rpm)
    Spindle bore (mm)
    205 (260, 320, 420 & 520 optional)
    Main drive motor power (kW)
    37 / 45
    Width of bed (mm)


      Goodway HA-1600L Goodway HA Series Chip Extraction Detail Goodway HA Series Detail Goodway HA Series Tailstock Detail

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