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Goodway GA Series CNC LATHES

  • Goodway GA Series CNC LATHES

    Goodway GA Series CNC LATHES Goodway002

    Features include:

    Engineered to handle heavy duty turning applications with superb accuracy, the GA series economy turning centres combine extremely powerful high torque motors, super rigid box way constructions and large diameter servo indexing turrets to bring you The Ultimate Machining Power®. The GA series will help you be more competitive by achieving faster cycle times with heavier cuts, faster machine movements, and allow cutting of tough material efficiently. You’ll also appreciate the reliability and durability that their machines are known for. Plus, with more standard features than any other machine on the market today, many say it ’s the best investment they have ever made.

    • A total of 36 models are available in the GA Series line up, use the chart below to pinpoint the model that best suits your applications needs.
    • The low centre of gravity heavy-duty bed and 30° slant wedge saddle design provide a super rigid foundation for the headstock, turret, and tailstock. Creating the rigidity needed to perform super heavy-duty turning and maintaining long-term high precision accuracy. More rigidity also means extended tool life.
    • Built to withstand years and years of rigorous high production turning, the heavily ribbed, one-piece thermally balanced bed and casting components are of " Meehanite " casting.
    • A high-speed servo motor indexing system provides the 10 or 12-station turret with a 0.2 sec. indexing time. Large diameter high precision curvic couplings and hydraulic clamping are used to enhance tool indexing accuracy and turret disk rigidity.
    • Live tooling and C-axis control capabilities on the GA series allows the machine to perform multiple tasks on a work piece, such as turning, milling, drilling and tapping. It eliminates manpower and cycle time, while reducing accuracy lost, which will occur if the part is moved from machine to machine.
    • GA series head stocks feature even thickness sides, which evenly distribute cutting forces to the machine bed, resulting in exceptional vibration dampening characteristics and forms a stronger structure to handle interrupted and heavy cutting applications. Heat dispensing fins around the headstock evenly dispense heat to reduce deformation, therefore, increasing machining accuracy.
    • Extremely powerful high-torque spindles deliver 2.5 ~ 4 times the torque output of standard spindles.
    • Extra large Z-axis servo motors provide the thrust needed to efficiently drill big diameter holes.
    • In order to endure the machine’s high outputs with durability, heavy-duty roller bearings are used to support the spindles and axes guide ways are of super-rigid one-piece box ways.
    • Larger machining capacities and available live tooling features provide additional production flexibility.
    • Movement of the tailstock base and quill in auto mode are controlled by M-codes and thrust pressure is manually adjustable. Z-axis carriage automatically locks onto the tailstock base and moves it to the desired position with precision accuracy.
    • Utilizing unused space, the coolant tank placement allows optimal air circulation for faster heat dispersion and lower coolant temperature, which will help extend coolant life. Less space limitations allow larger 210 L coolant tank capacity and easier maintenance access.
    • The standard chip conveyor features adjustable timers that allow the operator to set operation intervals according to the amount of chips generated by the machine. Thus reducing coolant loss to a minimum.
    • X and Z axes are driven by over-sized Fanuc AC alpha i series absolute servo motors, providing tremendous thrust outputs with faster acceleration and deceleration. Absolute encoder technology eliminates the use of limit switches, thus, eliminating referencing axes to home positions and broken limit switches.


    GA-2000 Series

    GA-3000 series

    Swing (mm)



    Max Turn Ø (mm)



    Chuck Size (inches)

    8 / 10

    10 / 12 / 15

    Bar Capacity (mm)

    51 / 65 / 75

     75 / 90 / 105

    Turret Positions

    10 / 12

    10 / 12

    Turn Length (mm)

    600 / 1200

    600 / 900 / 1200

    Spindle Motor (Kw)

    11 / 15

    18.5 / 22

    Available Options



    Live Tools 



     Y Axis



    Sub Spindle




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