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Goodway CNC Vertical Lathe GV-500 / 800 / 1000

  • Goodway CNC Vertical Lathe GV-500 / 800 / 1000

    Goodway CNC Vertical Lathe GV-500 / 800 / 1000 Goodway008

    Features include:

    HIGH SPEED CNC VERTICAL TURNING CENTERS Packed with the latest machine tools technology and high precision turning capabilities, the Goodway GV-500, 800 & 1000 series high speed vertical CNC turning centres combine a high rigidity structure and precision guide ways with a servo indexing turret and powerful spindle. These series features a compact machine size with heavy duty turning capabilities. In addition to the GV-500, 800 & 1000 series, the GV-500X series twin spindles & turrets equipped with loading & unloading systems can complete disk-shape work pieces that need multi-processing in one single setup which saves a great amount of time and increases production efficiency to meet your needs of today and tomorrow.

    • The low centre of gravity design with 90 degree rotatable control panel provides easy access to load & unload parts and a user friendly operating interface.
    • Super compact machine size equipped with rear discharge chip conveyor increases factory space usage while providing you with a convenient conveyor system planning.
    • Built to withstand years and years of rigorous high production turning, the heavily ribbed, one-piece thermally balanced bed and column are of " Meehanite " casing.
    • Extra wide slant surface chip disposal design allows easy chip removal, preventing the heat from influencing machining accuracy.
    • The super heavy-duty servo indexing turret features the latest non-lifting turret disk technology, achieving 0.2 second indexing for adjacent stations and 0.5 second for stations at the opposite end of the disk.
    • The Japanese super high precision curvic couplings accurately position the turret disk and the highest of clamping force ensures abundant turret rigidity for all cutting conditions. The curvic couplings features auto-centring, auto-cleaning and a large size tooth flank which are superior to traditional curvic couplings and are greatly used in our products.
    • Live tooling turret and C-axis control capabilities allows the machine to perform multi-tasks on a work piece, such as turning, milling, drilling and tapping. This eliminates manpower and cycle time, while reducing accuracy lost, which will occur if the part is moved from machine to machine.
    • Each station of the live tooling turret can be equipped with live tooling ( live tooling tools rotate in working position only ) and features a non-lifting turret disk.
    • The GV-500X series can be equipped with optional load & unloading systems and work piece flipping device are also available. From bar feeding, processing, flipping, processing and discharging, can all be completed at once which saves manually flipping time and reduces setting error and increases production efficiency.


    Goodway GV-500

    Goodway GV-800

    Goodway GV-1000

    Swing (mm)




    Max Turn Ø (mm)




    Chuck Size (inches)

    12 / 15

    15 ~ 24

    21 ~ 24

    Turret Positions

    8 / 12



    Turn Length (mm)




    Spindle Motor (Kw)

    15 / 18.5

    22 / 30

    22 / 30

    Available Options




    Live Tools




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