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TechnoWrap HP Door Press

  • TechnoWrap HP Door Press

    TechnoWrap HP Door Press TechnoWrap004

    Features include:
    TechnoWrap HP offers the following features:
    - Dedicated high performance 3D laminating press applying up to 6kg/cm² of positive pressure + 1kg/cm² of vacuum;
    - Membrane or membraneless application allowing for a wide range of laminating materials;
    - Providing high definition 3D laminations in variety of materials;
    - Unique processing control by onboard PLC.


    Model Effective Width Effective Length Vacuum Heaters Single Table
    L x W x H
    Double Table
    L x W x H
    2900 1.33 m 2.9 m 65m3/hr 40 kw 3.3m x 3.7m x 1.6m 3.3m x 5.7m x 1.6m
    2400 1.33 m 2.4 m 65m3/hr 32 kw 2.8m x 3.7m x 1.6m 2.8m x 5.7m x 1.6m


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