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High Point HP-11 Horizontal Band Resaw

  • High Point HP-11 Horizontal Band Resaw

    High Point HP-11 Horizontal Band Resaw HP001

    The best value on the market for a Numeric Control ReSaw. This proven performer provides accurate resawing in the toughest woods all day long. Featuring a 20HP motor and 28" balanced band wheels, the HP-11 has plenty of power for your resawing requirements.

    The feed conveyor speed can be varied to provide the correct speed for the timber type. With a robust heavy steel construction, this unit will surprise you with it's weight, stability and accuracy.

    Features include:

    • Centralized Digital Control Panel
    • Digital readout for blade height adjustments
    • Memory Pre-Set Capability - The blade control center can be set so the head will automatically move down a pre-set amount each time you press the memory button
    • Motorized Blade Height Adjustments
    • Maximum working size piece 200mm high x 300mm wide
    • Distance from lower blade to conveyor table: 3 to 130mm
    • Dynamically Balanced Band Wheels - Diameter = 28"
    • Band Size 168" x 1" x .035"
    • Feed Speeds from 32-82 ft/min via hydraulic driven conveyor
    • Rubber Conveyor Belt
    • Blade Tension is Controlled by Hydraulic cylinder
    • 20 HP 3-phase electric motor
    • 2x 4" Saw Dust Exhaust Outlets
    Highpoint HP-11 Band ReSaw Highpoint HP-11 Band ReSaw Optional Hydraulic Feed Detail

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