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Power Feeders - LEDA Series

  • Power Feeders - LEDA Series

    Power Feeders - LEDA Series leda-power-feeders

    Power Feeders - LEDA Series


    • Three feed rollers with abrasion resistant vulcanised rubber ‘tyres’.
    • Four different feed speeds for various operations – forward and reverse.
    • Universally adjustable mounting stand to allow feeding operations vertically, horizontally or at any angle in between.
    • Turning type electrical switch for 2-speed motor and reversible gears to select required speeds.
    • A versatile feed unit that can be used on many different types of woodworking machines.

    Models available:

    • AF-34, 1HP 3 wheel, 4 speed power feeder
    • AF-32, 1/4HP, 4 speed power feeder
    • AF-38, 1HP, 3 wheel, 8 speed power feeder
    • AF-48, 1HP, 4 wheel, 8 speed power feeder
    LEDA AF-34 Power Feeder LEDA AF-32 Power Feeder LEDA AF-38 Power Feeder LEDA AF-48 Power Feeder

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