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Omga TR2 Series Twin Blade Mitre Saw

  • Omga TR2 Series Twin Blade Mitre Saw

    Omga TR2 Series Twin Blade Mitre Saw Omga006

    Features include:

    Precision mitre saws
    The model T 50
    with rotating table and selfcentering locking
    for the main angles 90°, 45°, 30°, 22.30°,
    15°, 10° right and left; manual locking for all the other intermediate angles, with reading on the scale.
    The main characteristics of these mitre saws:
    structure in cast iron, motor of 2.2 kW with
    transmission by belt and blade of ø 350 mm. (ø 370 mm. on the model T 53), they ensure an absolute strength and a large cutting capacity. The model T53
    differentiates by the
    model T 50 for the possibility to tilt the head on the vertical axis up to 45°, arriving therefore to perform compound angle cuts to any possible angle.
    Both models can be equipped with a wide
    accessories range.
    The version "OP" has been created as a
    separate model, including the machine in "CE" version with oilpneumatic downstroke, with two
    hand control for the downstroke of the head, two pneumatic horizontal clamps in cycle with the cutting action, cabinet, side extensions.

    Options available:
    - Double horizontal clamps;
    - Pneumatic horizontal clamp & Pneumatic vertical clamp;
    - Planos diagramados;
    - Oil-pneumatic feed of head;
    - Quick swivelling with pneum. Locking;
    - Stand.


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