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Omga T 2005 OPT Optimizing Saw System

  • Omga T 2005 OPT Optimizing Saw System

    Omga T 2005 OPT Optimizing Saw System Omga001

    Features include:

    Automatic cut off saw for defecting and optimized cutting.

    Feeding by pusher available in 4 or 6 meters useful length.

    The pusher carriage, complete with a camera for detecting chalk marks identifying the defects and a sensor for the length of the board, lifts up pneumatically in order to completely scan the board during its way back to loading position and allow a total optimization managing up to 3 different grades.

    A vertical pneumatic gripper allows strict tolerances on the cut lengths (+/- 0,5 mm on the standard version, +/- 0,2 mm with precision magnetic tape), even at maximum speed of 90 m/min. The control, with operating system Windows XP, is complete and user friendly.

    The 10° tilt angle of the line and two pressure rollers on the sides of the saw blade ensure the correct positioning of the material against the fence both during the feeding and during the cutting cycle.

    On request the cutting line can be completed with a width scanner, an ink-jet printer and with various length sorting systems.

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