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Marlin TFF

  • Marlin TFF

    Marlin TFF Marlin-TFF

    Maximum Flexibility. compact and safe. Possibility to fit tiltable multispindle units to perform holes, counterbores and tapping. Manual positioning of the units. Exhauster connection.

    Manual bar loading unit
    Gripper to clamp the profile and has provision for manual adjustment:
    Vertically from 0 to 210mm
    Horizontally from 0 to 150mm 
    Capable of moving a weight of 10kg per meter
    Variable feed speed of the pusher from 1 to 24mt / 1 with 0.22kw motor
    maximum loadable profile length 6200mm
    Drilling and Tapping units

    Cutting unit
    Horizontal cutting machine
    Carbide saw blade 550mm
    Blade motor power 2,2kw
    Programmable electronic tilting of the blade at an angle from 20° to 160°
    Olepneumatic blade advance
    Pair of horizontal Pneumatic clamps 
    Pair of vertical Pneumatic clamps
    Integral protection of cutting area 

    Manual unloading and storage unit 
    Maximum unloading profile 4000mm

    Touch screen PC electronic control panel TFT 17"
    Windows 10 system, possibility to program
    Blade inclination
    Drilling and Tapping
    Pusher feed speed
    Lists of workings

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