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ROMAC CW6280 CW62100 Series Lathes

  • ROMAC CW6280 CW62100 Series Lathes

    ROMAC CW6280 CW62100 Series Lathes Romac009

    Features include:

    These series of conventional lathes use a complex body casting with a combination of both box and angular internal ribbing, resulting in a wide base and bed structure that is at least 1/3 more rigid than machines of more common design.
    The carriage is equipped with a feed/rapid joystick control that is intuitive and easy to use. Spindle forward/reverse and braking incorporates a hydraulic control.
    Manual braking and foot braking are convenient for the operator to use. The brake is sensitive, safe, and reliable.
    SMTCL conventional lathe features good rigidity, in terms of both structure and power transmission. The machine has stable accuracy, and can also take heavy cuts. The underside of slide ways are coated with TSF improved turcite-style anti-friction material, helping the lathe achieve easier movement and longer service life. The lubrication system is equipped with an automatic external reservoir, which improves machining accuracy and reduces wear. The tailstock is equipped with a scale dial which makes feeding of the quill intuitive to the user

    - Large spindle bore;
    - Large swing over gap;
    - One piece lathe bed casting;
    - Hardened and ground guideway;
    - Accessories: 3 jaw chuck;
    - 4 jaw chuck;
    - Faceplate;
    - 130mm follow rest;
    - Thread cutting dial;
    - Taper attachment;
    - Halogen lamp;
    - 2 x steady rests, 30–350mm & 120mm–450mm.


      CW6280C CW62100C
    Swing Over Bed (mm) 800 1000
    Swing Over Cross Slide (mm) 520 720
    Width of Gap (mm) 320 320
    Swing Over Gap (mm) 1000 1200
    Width of Guideway (mm) 550 550
    Max. distance between centres Sizes 1.5 up to 6m Sizes 1.5 up to 6m
    Spindle Speed 7.5-1000rpm (18 speeds) 7.5-1000rpm (18 speeds)
    Diameter of Spindle Bore (mm) 130 130


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