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KATANA Double Column Bandsaw by FICEP

  • KATANA Double Column Bandsaw by FICEP

    KATANA Double Column Bandsaw by FICEP Ficep006

    The KATANA is a double-column bandsaw designed for cutting structural steel beams and sections to length. Available as a stand alone machine, all Katana bandsaws can be combined with Ficep's line of CNC Beam Lines.


    Katana bandsaws are available in a range of sizes with capacities from 610x310mm for the K 60 through to 2,540x815 mm for the K 258 (at 90°). Mitre cutting is typically 60° left or right and 45° on the K206 and K 258 machines.


    Katana bandsaws offer a range of features:

    • hydraulic blade tightening
    • double blade guides: the first guide is fixed on one side of the profile, the other is positioned hydraulically to suit the profile
    • hard steel plates on the self adjusting guide system ensure the saw band teeth are always perpendicular to the cutting section
    • powered brush synchronised with the blade to remove the swarf from the band teeth
    • integrated blade lubricating / cooling system
    • two independent hydraulic vices to clamp the profile
    • electronic systems that can be extended to manage completely automatic sawing lines
    • all Ficep bandsaws are able to use the latest bi-metal blades that offer an increase in cutting cycle by up to 50%


    The sturdy machine frame is constructed from electro-welded tubular steel with stiffening ribs resulting in vibration free, quite and precise cutting.

    For mitre cuts, the machine body rotates via a toothed wheel controlled by an encoder. In large models the toothed wheel is complete with a sliding bearing.

    The arc is made of an electro-welded plate and moves on prismatic guides. The arc movement is produced by a hydraulic cylinder with proportional valve to control the speed. The arc supports the two flywheels. A 3-phase motor with an epicyclical reduction unit provides speed ranges to suit the material type.


    Each Katana bandsaw is made to high specifications by Ficep in Italy. The integrated electrical system is designed to facilitate after-sales maintenance and allow integration with beam drilling units if required. The hydraulic system runs under a separate power pack.


    MODEL K 60 K 100 K 115 K 126 K 206
    Max. Width (mm) 610 1015 1100 1250 2000
    Max. Height (mm) 310 450 510 600 600
    Blade (mm) 34 x 1.1 41 x 1.3 54 x 1.3 67 x 1.6 67 x 1.6
    Power (kW) 7 9 15 15 15
    Miter Configuration +/-60° +/-60° +/-60° +/-60° +/-45°

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