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  • FICEP CNC BEAMLINE - Vanguard DFB Series

    FICEP CNC BEAMLINE - Vanguard DFB Series Ficep009

    Features include:

    FICEP VANGUARD DFB three spindle beam drilling machines are optionally equipped with automatic tool-changer on each head and, thanks to the complete "closed loop" electronic control, in addition to drilling they can also carry out milling, tapping, countersinking and scribing in order to mark material with part numbering or layout marking for welding and fit up purposes.

    The drilling heads are equipped with the DF spindle for high performances in deep drilling and standard drilling. FICEP beam drill machines can be combined with Ficep band saws (SCS) to carry out straight or mitred cuts (+45/-60 degrees-+20/60 degrees). Optionally the saw can process mitres up to +60/-60 degrees

    Automatic unloading of trim cuts and short pieces is available with the patented magnetic device.

    Different handling solutions are available in order to make the whole line fully automatic with minimum operator supervision.

    Machine Features:

    • Automatic and centralized lubrication system
    • Hydraulic Power pack and CNC developed with field bus technology (CAN-bus)
    • FICEP Minosse CNC unit with multi axes multitasking control for the highest performances
    • FICEP unique 3 guided points to assure continuous blade guiding also with the widest beams.
    Model 603 DFB 1003 DFB 1103 DFB 1203 DFB
    Number of Spindles
    3 3 3
    Power Per Spindle (kW)
    15 15 15
    Spindle Speed Range (rpm)
    180 - 2500
    180 - 2500
    180 - 2500
    180 - 2500
    Four Side Scribing
    Yes yes Yes yes
    Maximum Hole Size (mm)
    40 40 40
    Number of Drill Heads
    3 3 3
    Diameters Per Head with Tool Changer
    6 6 6 6


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