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FICEP Angle Drill Line- HP/T Series

  • FICEP Angle Drill Line- HP/T Series

    FICEP Angle Drill Line- HP/T Series Ficep001

    Features include:

    The Ficep CNC angle line solution gives you the opportunity to not only punch angles but also drill them! Especially in the transmission tower world the drilling feature is requested from 12 mm and above. Railway bridges require bracings that are all drilled and not punched. For this reason, the Ficep angle line range typically offers a dedicated drilling solution to deliver outstanding drilling performances. The use of carbide drilling and the available automatic tool changer makes this machine set up free reaching very high levels of productivity and versatility at the same time.

    Optionally, a new developed carbide disc sawing unit brings cutting speeds to another unprecedented level.

    The following features are also available:

    • Marking
    • Sawing (band saw and carbide disc saw)
    • Different automatic handling devices for loading and unloading

    The new HP High Performance series offers 20% more performance than previous models due to its new spindle solution and tool changer.

    Pylons builders have to face exasperating work schedules, often in extreme environment conditions. These needs are answered by the CNC lines in the new "HP" range which are outstanding for their:

    • Extreme robustness
    • Resistance to fatigue and extreme climates
    • Dedicated intuitive hardware and software

    The modular "HP" lines can be combined in different ways, both in terms of size and the capacity to carry out various operations in a single pass. The customer can easily configure a line which can be made to measure to suit company needs. The "HP" lines are true and proper work cells where an angle enters as raw material and exits in an infinite combination of drilled, marked and cut to length segments.

    Model HP 25 T HP 35 T
    Maximum Angel (mm)
    10 x 10 x 1-9/16
    14 x 14 x 1-9/16
    Maximum Diametre Per Leg
    Measuring System
    Rack and Pinion
    Rack and Pinion
    Carbide Saw


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