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Excetek V-Series EDM Wire Cut

  • Excetek V-Series EDM Wire Cut

    Excetek V-Series EDM Wire Cut Excetek001

    Features include:

    Excetek’s reputation for producing the highest quality Wire Cut EDM’s is based on the experience on the company’s founder Mr Matsua, a highly regarded designer of Wire Cut Machines from Japan with over 40 years experience. The flagship model in the range is the VP500 offering up to 2µm accuracy and Ra0.15 µm surface finish, Excetek are one of the few manufacturers in the world today who produce a wire cut with an X travel of 2000mm.
    • Sophisticated Auto Wire Threading option with a threading time of approximately 10 seconds offers threading at the break point with almost 100% reliability because of innovative wire annealing process also offered is threading with water jet and threading under water
    • The Intelligent Ignition Circuit automatically adjusts the cutting speed depending on work piece material / thickness.
    • High precision VP500 model offer ±2µm accuracy and Ra 0.15µm surface finish.
    • With the outstanding chip disposal design, chips can be easily brought out through the coolant tank and chip conveyor to the chip cart.
    • Cutting efficiency up to 250mm2/min.
    • Remote Monitor by means of Internet or Ethernet.
    • User friendly windows based control system with 15" TFT screen.
    • Real time machine messaging by means of SMS
    DESCRIPTION: V400 V500 V650 V850 V1280
    Max. Work Piece Size (mm)
    750 x 500 x 255
    850 x 600 x 255 1000 x 700 x 345
    1150 x 850 x 345
    1650 x 1200 x 495
    Max. Work Piece Rate (kg)
    600 800 1100 4000
    Table Travel of XY (mm)
    400 x 300
    500 x 300 650 x 400
    800 x 500
    1200 x 800
    U&V Axis Travel (mm)
    120 x 120
    120 x 120 160 x 160
    160 x 160
    260 x 260
    Z Axis Travel (mm)
    260  (320 opt)  350
    Wire Diameter (mm)


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