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Romac TPX Series Horizontal Boring & Miling Machine

  • Romac TPX Series Horizontal Boring & Miling Machine

    Romac TPX Series Horizontal Boring & Miling Machine Romac017

    Features include:

    TPX61 series digital readout horizontal boring milling machine is a universal machine tool, which can be adapted to machine casting, steel, and nonferrous work-pieces. Operations include drilling, hole enlarging, boring, reaming, plane milling, spot facing, threading, and other machining processes. The faceplate slide can be fed radially, which enables this boring milling machine to bore large size holes, turning outside diameters, and grooving. Today, SMTCL horizontal boring milling machine is widely used in the industries of energy, metallurgy, mining, machinery, military, etc., becoming a reliable choice for machining box-type parts.

    The spindle of our horizontal boring milling machine has 3 supporting points and good rigidity. Nitrogen treatment is employed on the main surface, which enables the spindle to have high hardness and long service life. The spindle and feed speed change adopt manual rotary valve in the headstock and hydraulic pre-selection, which is convenient for operation.


    • DRO for Z axis;
    • Change gears;
    • Boring tool holders for facing plate;
    • Universal boring head;
    • Spindle with ISO7:24 No. 50;
    • DRO for work table
    • ear column for TPX6111B/3 and TPX6113/2.


    Model Boring spindle dia. (mm) Quill travel (mm) Range of
    spindle speed (mm)
    Table size (mm) Table load (kg) Vertical travel (mm) Longitudinal travel
    of table (mm)
    Cross travel of table (mm) Net weight of machine (kg)
    TPX6111B3 110 600 8–1000 1250 x 1100 3000 1200 1400
    (without end stay)
    1600 18000
    TPX6113 130 900 4–800 1600 x 1400 8000 1400 1500 1600 24000
    TPX6113/2 130 900 4–800 1800 x 1600 10000 1800 2000
    (without end stay)
    2000 29300


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