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JIH-CNC 6500 H Type CNC Machining Center

  • JIH-CNC 6500 H Type CNC Machining Center

    JIH-CNC 6500 H Type CNC Machining Center jih005

    Features include:
    A multi-function CNC machine centre designed for drilling, tapping, milling, chamfering and sawing operations of aluminium and composite profiles.
    - 3.7kW 12,000 rpm spindle, 12 tool Turret type magazine;
    - rapid feed rates - X axis 30 m/min., Y, Z axis 12 m/min. with high precision linear guide ways on all axes, servomotor driven ballscrews;
    - travel up to 6m X-axis, 300 mm on Y & Z axes, spindle nose to table 70 mm;
    - positioning accuracy ±0.1 X axis, ±0.02 mm Y, Z axis PC based controller (Mitsubishi or Fanuc controllers available as options).
    Available Options Include:
    - Control cabinet heat exchanger;
    - Spindle cooler, 4th axis machining, tool length measuring device;
    - Safety screen, cutter safety guard, infrared safety sensor;
    - Heavy duty hydraulic clamp, movable clamp carriage;
    - Pneumatic stop plate, automatic chip conveyor.
    Choice of working lengths: 3.5, 4.5, 5.5 and 6.5 meters.
    It is available for each short - scale multiple processing & long - scale processing.
    Traveling column features high positioning accuracy.
    The column longitudinal traverse is driven through servomotor combined with gear/rack transmission.
    Y/Z axis traverse are driven through servomotor combined with ball screws.
    Three axes travels and driven by servomotors.
    High precision linear guide ways on three axes assure fast and smooth movements.
    24-tool magazine is standard equipment.
    Air clamps for workpieces. (vises are option)
    Emergency hold wire is provided at the front of machine for safety protection for the operator and the machine.
    Movable chips are equipped at the bottom of the machine. providing convenient chip handling.


    X-Axis Travel (mm)
    Y-Axis Travel (mm)
    Z-Axis Travel (mm)
    Spindle Centre To Table Surface (mm)
    160 - 670
    Table Working Type
    3 Sets T-slots
    Table Working Surface (mm)
    500 x 6500
    Max. Loading Capacity (kg)
    Spindle Speed (rpm) 800
    Spindle Motor (HP) 15
    Machine Weight (kg) 19000
    Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 11800 x 2700 x 2600
    Packing Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 11900 x 3000 x 2900

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