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FICEP Tipo G Plate Processing Centre

  • FICEP Tipo G Plate Processing Centre

    FICEP Tipo G Plate Processing Centre ficep-tipo-g

    The TIPO G Series features an innovative system for the processing of plates combining the advantages of the fixed plate machine with that of the mobile plate system delivering higher efficiency and faster throughput.

    FICEP TIPO G offers thermal cutting, marking, drilling, tapping, milling, bevelling and more, all on one line with unprecedented accuracy: a complete plate processing system in one machine.


    • DRILLING UNIT: The high speed machining spindle allows extremely productive drilling of holes up to 60mm. For larger holes up to 400mm the TIPO G can mill holes with exceptional accuracy on diameter and concentricity.
    • TOOL CHANGER: The automatic tool change system is managed by the CNC and is equipped with 24 positions.
    • SECOND DRILLING UNIT: The system can be equipped with an additional drilling spindle with relevant 24 positions tool-changer to increase the productivity.
    • ADVANCED MILLING: Dedicated software upgrades allow special milling operations such us straight slots, special curve slots, countersinking with milling tool, ?Y? and ?J? calking, and other special cycles.
    • OXY TORCHES: The system can be equipped with up to two oxy cutting torches to cover all manufacturing needs.
    • HYPERTHERM PLASMA UNITS: The brand new Hypertherm XPR300 or Hypertherm HPR400XD power source can supply one or two high-definition plasma torches, for straight or bevel cut.
    • LATERAL GRIPPERS: Thanks to the lateral grippers, the plate handling is much easier and the mobile structure is extremely solid, operating as a shuttle moving the material along fixed rails and taking advantage of pincher repositioning.
    • COUNTER-BASE SHUTTLES: In correspondence to each drilling unit, the machine base holds a shuttle used as counter-base for drilling operations, moving simultaneously with the drill head itself.
    • FUME EXHAUST SYSTEM: The exhaust system filters the fume generated by thermal cutting operations. The air is cleaned according to the latest health and safety requirements.
    • PLATES HANDLING: Infeed and outfeed rollerways can be extended in order to fit the required plate length, and are pre-arranged to receive cross transfer tables.
    • TRAP DOOR: A special tilting device can be supplied to unloaded finished parts with max size 500x500mm.


    • Auxiliary axis to allow all operations within the axis? working area to be carried out without moving the plate.
    • Special hold-downs fitted on the drilling units to keep the plate in position during processing, avoiding vibrations that could comprise quality and tools life.
    • Automatic pieces unloading which makes TIPO G ideal also for the production of small and medium size plate.
    • Remote diagnosis is possible through a network connection that allows our service team to perform routine checks.
    CNC Plate Plasma & Drill TIPO A TIPO G25LG TIPO G31LG
    Plate size mm 2540x6000 3100x6000
    Drilling heads / No. tools per head 1 / 24 2 / 24
    Drilling diameter max. mm 40 (250) 44/60 (400)
    Drilling thickness max. mm 100 100
    Spindle Power / Max. RPM kW 15 / 7000 26 / 7000
    No. plasma straight torches max. 1 2
    No. plasma bevel torches max. 1 2
    No. Oxy-fuel torches max. 2 2
    FICEP Tipo A31LG CNC Plate Processing Machine FICEP Tipo G Series CNC Plate Processing Machine Detail 1 FICEP Tipo G Series CNC Plate Processing Machine Detail 2 FICEP Tipo G Series CNC Plate Processing Machine Detail 3 FICEP Tipo G Series CNC Plate Processing Machine Detail 4

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