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BENDMAK PRO30 Section Roll

  • BENDMAK PRO30 Section Roll

    BENDMAK PRO30 Section Roll Bendmak002

    Standard Accessories:
    • Steel body
    • Two bottom rolls are driven
    • Guide rolls adjustment manually to one direction
    • Portable control panel in order to control material from required locations with foot pedal
    • Shafts are made of special steel
    • Manual lubrication
    • In accordance with EU norms
    Optional Accessories:
    • Digital readout to display position of top roll
    • Special mechanical guide rolls in order to facilitate angle bending
    • Special profile rolls for bending pipe, H, I, U, etc... type materials
    • Electric motors according to required voltage and frequency
    • Twisting device
    Bendmak PRO30 Section Roll

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