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FICEP Plasma Cutter PC 600

  • FICEP Plasma Cutter PC 600

    FICEP Plasma Cutter PC 600 Ficep028

    Features include:

    Pipe Cutting is becoming more and more a common procedure in the Structural Steel Industry. Architects and engineers appreciate the versatility of the structural properties of pipe profiles every day more. The possibilities given by this profile are not any more only aesthetic but also well orientated to the creation of light structures allowing roofing and other wide span structures to be realized.

    Without such a machine the manual skills to realize 3D cutting of saddles, multiple saddles, slots, chamfers and many more on among others, would be enormous if not impossible. The time spent on lay out mark the tube parts and the various pipe connections would require apart from time the highest skilled level. The interpretation of 3D drawings, the handling required for lay out marking, the firm hand for oxy or plasma cutting are not available in just one operator. It goes without saying that if a machine could sort these constraints and also create weld preparation at the same time the decision making to purchase it would be a no brainer. Weld prepping on pipes allows savings not only on the quantity of weld used but also in the productivity of the process. More important of all would also be a result in a quality welding process with a very tight variance between upper and lower specification limits and the quality control of the weld.

    This is the dream machine. If you dealt with pipes and welding and you dealt with 3D pipe connections you would immediately appreciate the description lines here above and you would not be able to live without such a beauty of technology.

    Imagine the creation of stadiums & sports arenas, office building atriums, airline terminals, tank supports, road structures, public transport stations and bridges, with no lay out and everything automatic from the 3D CAD model down to the workshop?

    Not only the direct labour involved and its quality is optimized but also the overheads in the office for the front end between detailing and manufacturing.

    The PC 600 machine plasma pipe cutter is composed of heavy duty components engineered for lasting performance. Latest technology is applied in components such as Hi Definition plasma cutting and material deformation detection but also in process optimization such as handling systems and in line marking systems.

    We have dedicated interface softwares for the Structural Steel Industry, we can deliver CADCAM connections to design programs like e.g. AutoCAD and we can interface with 3D CAD detailing softwares such as Tekla Structures via the XML output file for automatic Tube NC data file generation. In addition, smart functionality is integrated like e.g. partial butt weld cutting, multi plenair saddle cutting in a single rotation.

    The Pro Cutter (PC 600) is a pipe profiling machine to cut pipe-to-pipe connections and pipe-to-plate connections with constant welding openings (bevels) over the entire pipe length. The PC 600 is suitable for a pipe range starting from 50 – 610 mm. The machine is engineered to allow customers to built-up, use and maintain the Pro Cutter (PC 600) in a very user friendly manner. This product was introduced beginning of 2008 and is a highly standardized machine against an affordable price. Making it possible for every steel shop to have a professional and efficient machine for pipe profiling. This machine is engineered for the steel construction, ship building and process piping market.


    BASIC DATA    
    Suitable for pipe range (outside diameter) mm
    Maximum pipe weight kg
    Maximum pipe length 6.000 mm   incl.
    Maximum pipe length 12.000 mm   option
    Minimum pipe length (including 10 mm clamping length) mm
    CE compliant   incl.
    Industrial PC with Windows XP embedded (solidstate with flash drive)   incl.
    Delta tau CNC system   incl.
    HumanMachine Interface with17inch TFT colour screen   incl.
    USB   incl.
    LAN package (network connection), excl. cabling   incl.
    Manual machine programming (MDI)   incl.
    Manual office programming (OPPL)   option
    CAD/CAM connection (Tubecam)   option
    Auto nesting program (AN)   option
    - single and multiple chamfer   incl.
    - hole set-in centric/eccentric   incl.
    - hole set-on centric/eccentric   incl.
    - oblong/slot hole (2 side bevel)   incl.
    - mitre holecentric/eccentric (strainer)   incl.
    - mitre saddle centric/eccentric (strainer)   incl.
    - single and multiple saddle centric/eccentric   incl.
    - elbows addle   incl.
    - Partial But Weld for centraline angles over 45° (PBW)   incl.
    Main drive rotation 0 ± 0,25
    Cutting trolley longitudinal movement mm
    ± 0,5
    ±2 e-2
    CUTTING ACCURACY(based on circular pipes with constant wall thickness)    
    In compliance with DIN2310, Tolerance class C and Quality Part 4, Quality 1.   incl.
    Cutting length mm
    ± 1,5
    ± 6 e-2
    Bevel ±2
    Wall thickness range at 45ºcutting angle: from 3-50mm (0.12-2 in)   incl.
    Electric gas valves and ignition   incl.
    Kjellberg FineFocus450 (34 kVA), air plasma. Wallthicknessrangeat 45ºcutting angle: 31mm max, quality cut: 24mm.   option
    Kjellberg S45W, air plasma. Wallthicknessrangeat 45ºcutting angle:
    31mm max, quality cut: 24mm.
    O2 cutting, Ar/H2 cutting, Ar/H2/N2 cutting   option


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