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Ermak EPL Plasma Cutting Machine

  • Ermak EPL Plasma Cutting Machine

    Ermak EPL Plasma Cutting Machine Ermak006

    The Ermak CNC Plasma machine offers power and quality in a flexible and cost effective unit with a number of automation options available.

    Ermaksan machines are built using the latest technologies are well regarded worldwide for their range of CNC cutting & fabrication machinery.

    • EDGE Pro Controller
    • HyDefinition Technology
    • PowerPierce Technology
    • LongLife Technology
    • HPRXD Plasma Source
    • TurboNest Nesting Software
    Feature include:
    • Hypertherm plasma generator & torch provides high quality cutting on a wide range of material type and thickness
    • the sturdy mono-block gantry frame provides vibration free accurate movement on high quality rails driven by rack and pinion and servo motors
    • Infinity CNC control panel
    • Siemens electrical system (proven reliability worldwide)
    • moveable control panel group, easy operating system with auto nesting
    • CE certified, high reliability and low maintenance
    • original Ermaksan developed pneumatic cutting table with smart pneumatic suction at work area
    • innovative compact IHT automatic height sensor in order to protect against collisions
    • high accuracy rack and pinion servo driven bridge carriage; optional multi-head synchronized or independent torch and oxy-cutting units
    • unitized or gantry style plasma cutting table as per requirements
    Hypertherm EDGE® Pro CNC
    • 15" LCD industrial type touch sreen
    • Hypertherm operator panel
    • Safety module input and output
    • Hypernet communication system
    • Remote connection interface
    • Phoneix interface
    • Metric and inch gauges
    HyPerformance® HPR130XD® Plasma Source
    • Hypertherm manuel gas console
    • Plasma marking
    Arc Glide? THC automatic heigh control system
    • Hypernet communication system
    • Safety input-output interface module
    • Nozzle sensor
    • Collision sensor
    • 220 mm standard stroke
    • Laser Pointer

    TurboNest® Cad/Cam Software

    3 Axis (X,Y,Z)
    • 3 pieces Mitsubishi AC servo motor and driver
    • 3 pieces planet type Neugart gear box
    • High accuracy linear rails
    • High accuracy an silent Atlanta Helis rack and pinion
    • X,Y, Z Axis Igus brand silent cable ways/slots

    Cutting table with pneumatic system

    Mobile Control Panel System

    2 Emerceny Stop Buttons

    6 Mechanical Stops

    Hypertherm HyDefinition Plasma Options
    • HPR260XD, HPR400XD, HPR800XD
    • Hypertherm automatic gas console
    Oxy Cutting Station
    • Messer-tanaka oxygen torch
    • Ermaksan automatic ignition system
    • IHT automation capasitif distance and height control

    Manual Angle Cutting Apparatus for Oxygen and Plasma

    350mm and 500mm Adjustable Stroke for Oxygen and Plasma

    True Hole? Technology
    • EDGE® Pro CNC Controller
    • ArcGlide? torch height control
    • Hypertherm HPR XD® series
    • Hypertherm automatic gas console>/li>
    • ProNest® Cad/Cam software
    • 3 piece Beckhoff AC Servo Motor and driver
    • 3 piece planet type brushless harmonic drive gearbox
    Pipe Cutting Technology
    • Linatrol Infinity CNC controller
    • IHT M4000PCS 350mm stroke torch height control
    • Lantek Flex 3D + Lantek Expert II Cad/Cam software
    • Mirror and centering mechanism
    5-Axis Plasma Cutting Technology
    • Esa Kvara cnc controller
    • Automatic gas console
    • Lantek Expert II software
    • Angle cutting head

    ProNest® Cad/Cam Software

    Lantek Expert II Cad/Cam Software

    Lantek Flex 3D Cad/Cam Software

    Lantek Duct Cad/Cam Software

    Linatrol Infinity CNC
    • Operator panel (1-8 station)
    • 19? LCD
    • Linatrol cut software
    Plasma Filter Unit
    • PL4000 = 4000m3/h flow
    • PL6000 = 6000m3/h flow
    • PL10000 = 10000m3/h flow
    SICK Light Barrier Online Bypass Features 3kva Inform Saver DSP UPS Air Dryer
    • 600 lt./min flow 240V AC 50-60Hz
    • 0.5, 0.05, 0.001 Micron particle removal filter

    Optional colours

    To accomodate working conditions a cooling fan or heater can be added to the electrical panel

    Optional electrical voltage

    Conformity of European Union CE

    Ermak CNC Plasma Machine Infinity CNC Control Panel Large Ermak CNC Plasma Machine Ermak CNC Plasma Machine Bridge Detail Ermak CNC plasma machine with integrated bed

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