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SIC Marking p63c Dot Peen Marking Gun

  • SIC Marking p63c Dot Peen Marking Gun

    SIC Marking p63c Dot Peen Marking Gun sic-p63c-marking-gun

    The p63c marking gun is particularly suited for use with heavy or oversized components. The compact design fits easily into difficult-to-access places while the ergonomic design offers a sturdy, well-balanced machine suitable for long term operation.

    Extremely Compact
    • easy to use & well-balanced
    • ergonomic handle
    • light weight
    • carrying case
    • marking window: 60x25 mm
    High Performance
    • marking of difficult to access parts
    • marking on all types of materials
    • great precision and quality
    • high speed marking
    • easy to use software with colour screen
    Marking Unit
    • weight: 2.6kg
    • dimensions: 135x215x203mm
    • cable connection: 2.5m
    e1 controller
    • colour screen
    • USB port for transfer of marking files
    • fully programmable easy to use software
    • all marking types (DataMatrix, angular, circular, alphanumeric, logos, etc)
    • industrial membrane keyboard
    • ergonomic handle
    SIC Marking p63c Dot Peen Marking Gun p63c Dot Peen Marking Gun with e1Controller

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