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  • Emmegi Phantomatic Machining Centres Emmegi-Phantomatic

    The Phantomatic series of CNC machining centres from Emmegi offer versatile automatic machining of profiles in Aluminium, light alloys, PVC, and steel profiles up to 3mm in thickness.

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  • Omga T50 350 Mitre Saw Omga004

    The OMGA T50 350 is a heavy duty Mitre Saw suitable for timber and aluminium. Constructed with a solid cast iron base and head construction the machine also features a roller bearing rotating table for high accuracy.

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  • Emmegi Classic Magic emmegi-classic-magic

    Twin-head cut-off saw for fast and precise cutting of Aluminium and PVC profiles. Rapid setup with innovative travelling guard system, quick and safe clamping system and 450mm blades.

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  • JIH 170 jih004

    Manually operated copy milling machine designed to follow metal templates quickly cut profiles in aluminium, timber and composite sections. View More

  • JIH Auto 3000/4000/5000/6500mm Aluminium Cut Off Saw JIH006

    Standard Model Combined with a high speed cut off saw this effective device prepares the material for Graphical Interface System View More

  • JIH-CNC 6500 H Type CNC Machining Center jih005

    A multi-function CNC machine centre designed for drilling, tapping, milling, chamfering and sawing operations of aluminium and composite profiles. View More

  • OMGA T55 300 - MEC 300 ST ALU Mitre Saw Omga010

    Precision Mitre Chop Saws T 55 300 MEC 300 ST View More

  • JIH 20ALU jih003

    To operate the machine, simply treadle on the foot switch, the machine will automatically perform clamping and cutting for convenient operation; View More

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