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Ermaksan Laser CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

  • Ermaksan Laser CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

    Ermaksan Laser CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Ermak005

    The Lasermak CNC Laser Cutting machine from Ermaksan offers excellent value with high quality engineering & production values producing a machine that offers high production rates and long service life.

    To get perfect cutting results, Lasermak frame and components are specially machined in CNC machining centers to high precision. Lasermak is equipped with linear motors which is often an optional specification for other brands. The axis, moving along with strong magnets mounted on the frame, provides high speed and acceleration (Y axis 3G). This high speed provides increased efficiency and productivity while also decreasing operational costs.

    The frame and bridge are assembled by expert engineers and tested with high-tech measuring technology in every phase of manufacturing process to enable perfect results for square and circular cutting. There is no need for secondary operations as the Lasermak produces parts ready-to-assemble.

    Advantages include:

    • Lasermak is ready for lights-off 24 hour production thus allowing increased output of parts,
    • Extremely low cost maintenance requirements for Fanuc resonator (24,000 hours turbo blower lifetime) and no-maintenance linear drives,
    • Lasermak outputs finished products and does not require secondary operation like deburring, thus increasing your productivity.
    Bridge type flying optic laser
    High speed 170m/min (Simultaneous)
    High acceleration (X :2G; Y :3G)
    Accuracy: Repetition: ±0.015, Positioning: ±0.03
    Dynamic and high precision axis with linear motors
    Best cutting result with constant beam path and compensation system which is synchronized with X axis bridge
    Stress relieving process applied after welding process
    High performance rigid aluminium bridge
    Low energy and low gas consumption
    Excellent and compatible system package from FANUC (Laser resonator, controller and linear motors)
    Compact exchangeable cartridge for 5" and 7,5"
    Height control with capacitive nozzle sensor
    High pressure cutting head (25bar)
    Ping-Pong function providing the shortest time for passing one hole to another
    Lantek CAD-CAM software with full auto-nesting
    Film burning feature
    Lasermak automatic cutting technology tables
    3 different cutting technologies for all materials and thicknesses
    Advanced cutting features (Edge, Start-up, Power Control Function)
    Automatic nesting, machining, time and cost calculation
    Automatic loading / unloading unit
    Restart and retrace function
    3 point reference sensor
    Auto-focus cutting head part and scrap collecting conveyor
    Reliable high / low pressure assist gas system (two proportional valves)
    Automatic controlled synchronized suction system
    Special filtered air dryer system
    Precise temperature control for Water Cooling System
    Machine frame, 5 axes (X,U,Y,V with linear motor - Z axis with servo motor)
    Chiller unit for Laser Source, Linear Motors, Cutting Head and all Optic Components; equipped with a special Micron Rated Water Filter
    CNC control unit: FANUC 16i-LB 10.4" LCD Screen, Display Screen for all Laser and maintenance Functions, program storage with Ethernet and PCMCI Card
    Cutting head: Precitec HP1.5" (for 2.5KW); HP2" (for 4KW)
    Exchangeable Cartridge System: Precitec 5" and 7.5"
    Easy changeable Lens Kit, ZnSe Positive Meniscus Lens
    50,8mm Dia*190.5mmFL (7.5" for 2" cutting head) - Edge Thickness: 9,65mm
    50,8mm Dia*127mmFL (5" for 2" cutting head) - Edge Thickness: 9,65mm
    38,1mm Dia*190.5mmFL (7.5" for 1,5" cutting head) - Edge Thickness: 7,37mm
    38,1mm Dia*127mmFL (5" for 1,5" cutting head) - Edge Thickness: 7,37mm
    Capacitive approaching controller, Sensitive Distance Control with Precitec EG8010 Adjust Box
    Nozzle Kit: 0.8mm x5pcs, 1.0mm x5pcs, 1.2mm x5pcs, 1.5mm x5pcs, 2.0mm x5pcs, 2.5mm x5pcs, 3.0mm x5pcs
    Optical Mirror Kit: 5pcs folding mirror
    Cutting Head Ceramic Part Kit: 2pcs Ceramic Part
    Beam Path System: special beam path protective bellows
    Gas and Air Control: two proportional valves for pressure adjustment; two sensors to control High and Low pressure
    Clean-Dry Air System: chemical Air-dryer with active Carbonized Filter
    Automatic loading / unloading unit
    Sheet Clamps: four holder clamp on every table
    Three Point Reference Sensor and Programming
    Conveyor: part and scrap collecting conveyor
    Warning lamps
    Lantek CAD-CAM Software
    Machine and Operator Safety System
    PCMCI Flash Memory Card
    Manuals for all Lasermak equipment
    3.75" Cutting Cartridge and 3.75" Lens (only for 1,5" cutting head)
    10" Lens with Extension Adaptor:
    • Motorized Cutting Head
    • Precitec HP 1.5" M(Z)
    • Integrated Lens Break Sensor
    • Precitec HP 2" M(Z)
    PS130 Piercing Sensor, Process Module; Includes Lens Break and Piercing Sensors together (only for HP1.5" HP2" and HP2" M(Z) )
    Protective glasses against LASERMAK Co2 Laser Beam
    Filter Unit
    LASERMAK Spare Part Kit:
    • Ceramic part x2pcs, folding mirror x2pcs
    • 5" Lens x2pcs, 7.5" Lens x2pcs
    • 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 & 3.0mm nozzles x10 pieces each
    Lasermak Co2 CNC Laser Photo 1 Lasermak Co2 CNC Laser Photo 1 Lasermak Part Cutting Details Lasermak Gantry and Bridge Detail

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