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GRIT GIL Longitudinal Surface Grinder

  • GRIT GIL Longitudinal Surface Grinder

    GRIT GIL Longitudinal Surface Grinder Grit001

    Features include:

    Surface grinding completely automatic: Surface grinding module GIL

    Essential for machine and hand rail construction as well as for welding construction: The GIL module for longitudinal grinding is the only one on the market that features an automatic feed. GIL provides perfect surfaces quickly and economically and is suited for all metals, even stainless steel processing.

    Even the longitudinal grinding of square and flat materials or profiles is made incredibly easy with the unique surface grinding module GIL - just as the conversion from belt to surface grinder. The belt dimensions of the basic machine remain unchanged thereby. Patent has been applied for this GRIT solution.

    Great performance, little space

    All metals - from steel and non-ferrous metals up to stainless steel - can be perfectly machined, without making compromises on the surface quality. Even the strict requirements of stainless steel processing up to final finishing are fulfilled by the GIL module with ease.

    Smart solution: Thanks to the GIT swivel joint (optionally available, part no. 6 99 02 176 00 0) and the modular machine concept you can make optimal use of the GIL module even in confined spaces, because the work area can be quite easily be adapted to the surroundings. The infinitely variable swivel range is 0° - 90°.

    • Perfect finishing results up to finish as fast as possible;
    • Easy handling;
    • For angled workpieces;
    • Module can be swivelled on the basic machine (optional), thus saving space in the production hall or workshop;
    • Using the contact plate on the basic machine is possible even if the GIL module is mounted;
    • Workpiece width can be individually set by adjustable stops;
    • Flat material can also be ground "upright";
    • For grinding belts with grain 60 to grain 400.

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