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FORSTNER AG b1m Decoiler with Brake

  • FORSTNER AG b1m Decoiler with Brake

    FORSTNER AG b1m Decoiler with Brake Forstner001

    Quick and simple coil loading

    The single side bearing decoilers can be easily loaded using cranes or forklifts. The units offer efficiency in the fabrication process saving time when loading sheet metal coils and allowing quick changes to different sheet gauges or materials.

    Stackable decoilers up to 3 tons

    Two or even three decoilers from 1000 kg up to 3000 kg can be stacked, saving floor space and allowing rapid access to several types of sheet. A second and third decoiler can easily be added later.

    Decoiler AG 1000 b1mu/1,25

    With brake and bearing on one side, manually operated spindle for coils up to max. 1000 kg and 1250 mm

    • bearing shaft on one side
    • stable and precise centering disks
    • smoothly rounded strip accommodations
    • adjustable brake shoes
    • shaft expansion with manually operated spindles
    • pneumatic riders DR-AG
    • electric or hydraulic expansion mechanism a1h
    • expansions to accommodate longer inside diameters AS
    • coil-loading chair in the form of a scissoring lift SHT
    • built-in wrapping-paper dispenser P-AUG
    • castors to AG 1000 b1m LR
    • deflection-roller stands DRB
    Forstner AG Decoilers with Brake Forstner AG Decoilers with Brake

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