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Amada Laser LCF1 NT Series

  • Amada Laser LCF1 NT Series

    Amada Laser LCF1 NT Series amada005

    What is the LC-F1 NT Series?
    What do leading manufacturer's need in a laser machine to stay competitive? Amada produced the LC-F1NT after carefully examining this question.   The answer is to have the best machine for any manufacturing requirement with the ability to produce high-quality products as efficiently as possible. Amada, who understand every manufacturing need, addresses these requirements by introducing the next generation in laser processing with user-friendly and application-oriented approaches.

    5 Innovations
    attained through front-loading development
    1. 3-axis(X, Y, Z) linear motor drive is exceedingly fast and extraordinarily precise
    2. Amada-tuned oscillator for quality cutting
    3. New AMNC/PC with high speed processor
    4. Twin adaptive optics eliminating lens change
    5. Cut process monitoring gives repeatable edge quality with auto-plasma detection

    3-axis(X, Y, Z) linear motor drive
    Exceptionally fast piercing and linear motor drive cutting with 3-axis

    Superb Cutting quality with sharp corners over the full thickness range

    No lens change required
    Two adaptive optics control the beam diameter for optimal cutting performance. A single 7.5" lens handles thin to thick sheets, reducing the non-value added time of replacing the lens.

    Automatic nozzle changer
    The optional nozzle changer helps to promote continuous, unattended operation. The 8-station changer will automatically change, clean, and calibrate the nozzle and head based on the requirements for the material to be processed. This feature increases machine utilization while reducing overall process time.

    Cut process monitoring
    Constantly monitors cut error factors such as piercing, gouging, and plasma to support constant, stable cutting.

    Cooling cut
    WACS Sprays water on the surface of thick material during laser cutting to prevent the heat build up from adversely affecting the cutting quality and improves the yield of the material.
    Model LC-3015F1NT LC-4020F1NT
    Max. axis travel (mm)
    3070 x 1550 x 100 4070 x 2050 x 100
    Max. mass of load (kg) 920 1580
    Rapid traverse (m/min) X, Y, Z: 120
    Max. cutting speed (m/min) 60
    Acceleration/deceleration (G) X, Y:1.5 Z:3
    Cutting head Cartridge-type cutting head
    Z-axis sensor
    HS-2007 (Anti-plasma, Noise-resistant)
    Power requirement 2.5kW 51 (machine), 33(oscillator), 20(chiller)
    4kW 51 (machine), 55(oscillator), 27(chiller)
    6kW 51 (machine), 75(oscillator), 50(chiller)
    Weight (kg) 11000 15000
    Standard equipment

    Full opening enclosure, CNC assist gas control (2.0MPa),

    CNC focus control, Oil shot, Cut process monitoring, Nozzle cleaner

    Amada CNC Laser LCF1 Nt Series

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