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Putsch Meniconi SVP 133 - SVP 145

  • Putsch Meniconi SVP 133 - SVP 145

    Putsch Meniconi SVP 133 - SVP 145 Putsch001

    Features include:
    • Welded steel frame
    • 0.1 mm. accuracy
    • Manual displacement of the beam and saw carriage for horizontal and vertical cuttings.
    • Manual entering and returning of saw carriage, by means of ergonomic lever.


    • Automatic or Manual shifting frame to avoid the cutting of the plastic strips during
    • horizontal cuts.
    • Self-braking motor.
    • Bottom aluminum supports with phenolic soles.
    • Lift-up rollers to easily the sliding of the panels.
    • N°2 Stops for vertical cuttings.
    • Short piece cutting device

    Models available with ECO system

    The ECO frame is provided with vertical channels and a dust catcher on the right side, to optimize the dust collection . This model fulfils the current rules about dust pollution, assuring less than 1 mg. per cubic meter, in the work station.

    "R" Models – equipped with an heavy duty base with alunimum free rollers.

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