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C-Nest 4100 CNC Router

  • C-Nest 4100 CNC Router

    C-Nest 4100 CNC Router Cnest001

    Features include:
    • Board lifting crane enables single person handling of boards resulting in greater productivity. This also prevents injuries caused by heavy lifting.
    • Technoshop cabinet and door software is bundled with the machine.
    • Tool holders have capacity for large diametere tooling required for door manufacture.
    • The ability to use 3660 x 193mm boards, maximises board usage and prevents loss of time caused by frequent loading and unloading of smaller sheets.
    • Suppied with optimised extraction vacuum system as standard (7kW)
    • Oversized machine components such as linear rails, helical rack and pinion, structural framework, servo drives etc. to ensure reliability.


    DESCRIPTION: C-Nest 4100
    Spindle (kW) 7.5
    Axis 3
    Postioning speed (m/min) 70
    Z-axis speed (m/min) 15
    Max. board size (mm) 3660 x 1830
    Linear tool holder 13
    Dust extractor (kW) 7
    Vacuum pump (kW) 15
    Gantry clearance (mm) 230
    Electrical requirements 45
    Pneumatic requirements 7
    Machine weight (t) 5



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