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FICEP Beam Punch Line 306 PS

  • FICEP Beam Punch Line 306 PS

    FICEP Beam Punch Line 306 PS Ficep004

    Features include:

    There is nothing more productive than this one in the market.

    If your needs are purlins or roof support beams this is what you are looking for.
    It can punch and cut beams apart from angles and channels.
    This beam punch line can be equipped with a special carbide cold saw that makes cutting speed unmatched.
    This carbide saw brings this application to another level of flexibility making set up times practically nil when switching from one profile type to the other.


    Punching & Cutting System 306 PS
    Flats Min.(mm/in)
    Flats Max.(mm/in)
    Angles Min. (mm/in)
    Angels Max. (mm/in)
    Channels Min. (mm/in)
    Channels Max. (mm/in)
    Beams Min. (mm/in)
    Beams Max. (mm/in)
    Vertical Units
    Horizontal Units 10
    Max. Punching Capacity kN (each unit) 1
    US tons 2
    Max. Punching Diameter with standars tool (mm/in) 480
    Number of Punches (Horizontal Units) 53
    Number of Punches (Vertical Unit) 27/1
    Shearin Unit Double Cut (Option) 2
    Max. Shearing Capacity kN 2
    Sawing Unit (Option) 800


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