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FICEP 604NP Hydraulic Steelworker

  • FICEP 604NP Hydraulic Steelworker

    FICEP 604NP Hydraulic Steelworker Ficep041

    Single-cylinder 600kN hydraulic punching and shearing machine with 4 work stations: punching unit, angle cropper, shear for flats and notcher.

    The machine is complete with reference tables and is supplied with standard tools ready to work.

    All stations can be equiped with optional equipment and tools for different processes.

    Model: 604NP 1105N
    Punching force (kN)
    600 1000
    Diametre of thickness (mm)
    32x16 32x26
    Maximum thickness (mm)
    16 26
    Flange punching U (mm)
    200~300 240~300
    Web punching U (mm)
    80~280 80~400
    Flange punching H I (mm)
    200~300 220~360
    Web punching H I (mm)
    80~280 80~450
    Standard throat depth (mm)
    260 510
    Max. diametre with large whole attachment (mm)
    100 100
    Working height (mm) 955 955
    Stroke length (punch) (mm) 40 40
    Section Shear with Standard Blades
    Maximum shearing cross section (mm) 1800 4570
    Angles 90 (mm) 100x10 150x16
    Round bars (mm) 45 55
    Square bars (mm) 42 50
    Working height (mm) 1050 1110
    Plate Shear
    Flat bars (mm) 350x16 510x16
    Flat bars (mm) 150x17 300x22
    Flat bars (mm) 200x19 200x25
    Angle 45 (mm) 100x15 100x12
    Working height (mm) 725 730
    Rectangular Notcher
    Flats (mm) 10 13
    Angles in one stroke (mm) 80 100
    Coping width (mm) 42 50
    Coping depth in one stroke (mm) 76 100
    Working height (mm) 950 955
    Triangular notcher-flats (mm) 10 13
    Press Brake
    Notching station (mm) 150x10 -
    Punching station (mm) 360x4 -
    Motor (kW) 7.5 7.5
    Oil content (L) 50 50
    Net weight (kg) 1390 2980
    L x W x H (mm) 1309x649x1670 2298x602x1907


    Ficep 605NP Hydraulic Steelworker Ficep 605NP Hydraulic Steelworker - view of both sides

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