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Madison 4x14PB Pan Brake

  • Madison 4x14PB Pan Brake

    Madison 4x14PB Pan Brake madison011

    Features include:
    Working Length 1250 mm
    Thickness Material 2 mm mild steel
    Bending Angle 0-120°
    Depth of Box Bent 200 mm
    Lift of Clamping Beam 200 mm
    Length 1650 mm
    Width 1200 mm
    Height 1400 mm

    • Manually operated bending and clamping beam for efficient heavy duty operation.
    • High structural rigidity from heavy plate steel box construction with continuous welded seams.
    • Bending fingers made from a hard material for long life.
    • Special provision for re-setting and aligning the machine throughout it’s lifetime.
    • Replaceable bronze bushes at all points of wear.
    • Grease nipples at all points of wear.
    • Variable combination width of bending fingers.

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