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AH Series Point to Point (NC) Horizontal Boring Machines

  • AH Series Point to Point (NC) Horizontal Boring Machines

    AH Series Point to Point (NC) Horizontal Boring Machines ROMAC0001

    Vastly Reduced Machining Times!    Improved Profit Margins!    Simple to use!

    The next generation of Horizontal Boring Machines are here, no more handles to wind to accurately position the machine, no more confusing levers to adjust to select the right feed rate or spindle speed!  Everything can be done from the clear and simple operator panel on the machine. Increase the speed any work piece can machined while offering the highest accuracy every time!

    Fitted with a very user friendly Point to Point control system which allows easy and accurate positioning of the machine by simply entering a desired position and feedrate on the screen, press a button and the machine does the rest automatically.

    The AH Series can be operated step by step or a simple program can be generated for repetitive jobs to speed up the machining process even further.

    The control also features some automatic cycles which include:

    Face Milling - The machine will automatically face mill any surface within the parameters set on the screen by the operator.

    Drilling and Peck Drilling - the machine can be set to automatically drill holes in random positions or PCD's.

    Tapping - using a floating tapping head the machine can be set to automatically tap holes in random positions or PCD's

    Description AH 90 AH 110 AH 130
    Spindle Diameter, mm 90 110 130
    Travels (X x Y x Z x W), mm 900 x 900 x 1000 x 600 1600 x 1200 x 1400 x 600 2000 x 1800 x 2000 x 900
    Facing Head (dia. / travel) - 660 / 200 750 / 250
    Table Size, mm 1000 x 900 1250 x 1100 1800 x 1600
    Max Table Load, kg 2,500 5,000 10,000
    Spindle Taper - BT40 BT50
    Number of Spindle Speeds - - Stepless
    Spindle Speed Range, rpm 8 ~ 1000 8 ~ 1100 8 ~ 800
    Main Spindle Motor, Kw 11 15 22
    Weight of Machine, kg 14,500 18,000 29,000
    AH 110 Series Horizontal Boring Machine AH 110 Series HBM Conrol Panel

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